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How To Earn Points

How Dash Rewards Works

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2. Start Earning

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Rewards FAQ

What are rewards?

Rewards are our way of saying thank you.

We would like to thank our loyal customers by giving them points which can be used towards purchases on our site.

How do I join rewards?

Anyone can join. As soon as you create a Dash account you will automatically start receiving points.

We have a two level system, so if you become a subscriber your points double.

How can I earn points?

Earning points is easy.

There are five simple ways to earn:
• Earn points by referring a friend(s) = 1000 points per successful referral
• Earn points by making a purchase on an account = 5 points per £1 spent
• Earn points by creating an account = 350 points
• Earn points on your birthday  = 1000 points
• Follow DASH on Instagram = 25 points.

How can I see my points balance?

Simply log onto your account and head over to our rewards page.

Here you will be able to see all points and pending points.

I have completed an activity but not received points.

It can take a few minutes for points to update and process on our website.

But please also note that:
• Points are pending for 14 days while the product is delivered and to make sure the product is not returned.
• Points are also pending for 7 days during friend referral.

What can I do with my points?

Points can be converted into monetary Dash vouchers at any time.

• 500 Points = you can redeem £5 discount
• 1000 Points = you can redeem £10 discount
• 2000 Points = you can redeem £20 discount
• 3000 Points = you can redeem £30 discount
• 4000 Points = you can redeem £40 discount
• 5000 Points = you can redeem £50 discount

You must have exactly the right number of points to redeem a voucher.

Do different products represent different points?

For every £1 spent you will receive 5 points.

Can I save up my points for a later date?

Yes, watch your rewards balance grow and choose to cash in your points for a voucher at any time.

What happens to my rewards points if I make a return?

The points you earned will be automatically deducted from your account.

Do my rewards points expire?


Is there a limit to the number of points?


How do I add subscriber discounts?

Redeem your subscription voucher, copy the code, then follow the link through to your subscription page. Select 'Add discount' and then paste the code in.