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Why choose DASH's Grapefruit Sparkling Water?

You need hydrating, but you need entertaining too.

You want a pick me up that doesn't come loaded with a sugar crash.

You want a delicious zero sugar mixer for your summer sundowner.

You want the best grapefruit sparkling water - and what’s better than no nasty additives?

Grapefruit is the ultimate summer flavour, so get ready to feel refreshed and satisfied while sipping grapefruit sparkling water in the sunshine!



From the first day of DASH our mission has been simple, to make a positive difference in the world sip by glorious sip… we are always learning and improving, but here’s where we are today:


Wonky forever. All fruit are welcome at WONKY HQ - we embrace the bent, crushed, curved, knobbly, misshapen produce that others say no to, and we also give a warm welcome to surplus fruit, from overproduction.

Misfits fighting food waste. 40% of all food produced goes to waste - our aim is to put a stop to it, one sip at a time.

For the love of farmers. We give the farmers we work with peace of mind that their wonky or surplus produce will end up on shop shelves.

UK all the way. We only use pure British spring water, freshly sprung from our splendid isles.

Can life. Oh how we love aluminium cans, they can be recycled an infinite number of times unlike plastic or glass.

We are ClimatePartner Certified. We have measured the climate footprint of our drinks. We count it. Then we cut it. Continually putting in the hard yards to lower our impact on the planet.

We finance climate projects. Greenhouse gasses emitted from our product’s life cycle “cradle to customer, plus end-of-life” are measured and we purchase certified carbon credits.

We are a B Corp, baby - Meeting high standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. By choosing to drink Dash you can share in the smug love.

We are part of Feedback’s gleaning network. Volunteering to collect surplus produce from farmers' fields, after the commercial harvest, to save fruit & veg from going to waste.

All this so you can drink easy, knowing we are always reassessing where we are at and where we can do better.

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